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Commercial Request for Cardboard Recycling Container


  1. 1. Dear Owner/Manager:
  • Dear Owner/Manager:

    1. At your request, the City of Brownwood has provided you with a green, cardboard recycling container. We are providing this container at no cost to you or your business.

    2. We reserve the right to remove the container if:

    3. • The material becomes contaminated;

    4. • The amount of cardboard generated falls below acceptable standards (at least half a dumpster per week);

    5. • The cardboard recycling program is terminated.

    6. Please keep in mind the following:

    7. • The City makes pickups on Wednesday only, as that is the one day a truck and a driver are available for this route.

    8. • Break the boxes down to ensure you have enough room in the container to last all week.

    9. • Remove all packing materials, including peanuts, styrofoam, strapping and newspaper from cardboard boxes before placing them in the container.

    10. • Educate your staff, so they understand that the green dumpster is for cardboard only! Any other items placed in the container will be considered contamination and all contents will be landfilled, and may be cause for removal of the container.