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Posted on: February 17, 2021

Water Leaks & Assistance Information

Water Leaks & Assistance

Over the next several days our customer’s water pipes that have been frozen will start to thaw out resulting in a high number of water leaks. The City of Brownwood is ready to assist you.

City of Brownwood Utility Crews have been working since 2 am proactively responding to individual residential water leaks. Water levels are adequate to meet demand. We want to stay proactive regarding water leaks in our community. 

City of Brownwood Utility Customers:

Over the next several days our customer’s water pipes that have been frozen will start to thaw out resulting in a high number of water leaks. 

If you have a water leak and need assistance turning your water off please call 325.646.6000. Due to the current cell phone situation, we have also created an email address for citizens to report leaks and to request water to be turned off. Please email and someone will come out and turn the water off until you can get your leak repaired.  When sending the email request please include your full name, address, and phone number. A resident or member of the household must make this service request. 

The City of Brownwood Utility Department is proactively responding to water leaks as they find them. If you find that your water has been turned off please contact the number or email above.  If visible water running into the road, if a water leak is heavily visible our employees will turn off the water at the meter of the residence/business. If the City of Brownwood has turned off your water due to a leak a note/door hanger will be left at your front door. If you do not find a note on your front door and are without water you may have pipes that are frozen. Please take this into consideration and check your property for visible water on the ground once temperatures rise above 32 degrees. 

 Additionally, here is a contact list of plumbers, if you do not have a phone signal to contact a plumber you may try emailing them instead.

Continued information is posted at


How to check if you have a water leak

1. Locate your water meter. Water meters are typically installed inside meter boxes and placed close to the street/alley. 

2. Remove the lid of the meter box. A standard screwdriver can be used to help lift the lid.

3. Be careful to not damage any equipment inside the meter box. 

4. If the meter dial is turning rapidly then you may have a water leak. 

5. If you determine you have a water leak, locate your customer value. This value is typically located between your meter box and the house, proceed to turn it off.  If you do not have a customer valve, contact the Utility Department at 325.646.6000 or and a City of Brownwood employee will come out and assist you.

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