Commercial Dumpster Enclosure Requirements



The following are the size and space requirements associated with the three cubic yard dumpster. The measurements of the dumpster is 5’ wide x 5’ deep. When placed inside an enclosure, there shall be 2’ of clearance from the front interior bollards to the side of the dumpster. Between each dumpster there shall be a clearance of 1’ minimum. The depth of the enclosure shall be a minimum of 7’. There shall be two bollards placed at the rear of the enclosure for each dumpster. There shall be no gates on the dumpster enclosure. The dumpster enclosure or dumpsters shall be located such that a side loader truck can pick up the dumpsters without a need to back up or otherwise maneuver.

  For residential units, a three yard dumpster can only serve four units at one pickup per week. Therefore, two pickups per week would accommodate eight units. Frequency of pickups may be increased if the dumpsters are overfull. A charge of $75.00 is applied to commercial accounts that request extra pickup beyond regular service pickups.
3 cubic yard chart.png