Brown County Mobile Catering Units Requirements
In the past several months we have been getting requests to permit homemade rigs for cooking, this is a current list of requirements you will need to have in order to have a City Health Permit.
  • 3 Compartment sink
  • BBQ or Grills must be enclosed by screen or metal
  • Cannot be located in a private residence zoned non commercial
  • Cleanable walls
  • Cooking device to keep inside temp in proper range
  • Floors that can be sanitized with curbing
  • Freezer for holding food
  • Fridge for cold storage
  • Hand washing Sink separate
  • Hot Holding Compartment
  • Hot Water Tank
  • Must be able to be self contained no other cooking allowed other than in the unit
  • No evidence of rodents or pest
  • Potable Water
  • Road Worthy / current tags / good sound condition
  • Self closing doors
  • Valid State Tax ID
  • Waste Water Holding Tank
Remember that all catering vehicles are subject to periodic inspections and that the Health Permit can be revoked for any violation that is unsafe to the general public. These requirements are for portable kitchens for individuals who do no have a State Approved Kitchen to prepare food items for sale.

Trailers Requirements
All trailers will also need a Vent Hood assembly to keep cooking fumes out of the unit as well as a fire extinguisher on board for safety. Entry should constructed of a solid step and solid doors as well.

Serving Window Requirements
Serving window must be kept closed or until a customer comes to purchase a food item. Like a State Approved Kitchen, there is to be no smoking or eating and drinking in these types of units. Workers are to wear gloves and hair restraints while working the unit as well.

State Regulations
All rules and regulations that apply to State approved establishments also apply to mobile units as well.
  • Certified Food Manager training before permit will be issued
  • Must comply with city and local codes and ordinances
  • Must have screens
  • Separate area for chemical storage
  • Unit must not be a permanent fixture and be located next to accessible restrooms.
Texas Food Establishment Rules
The purpose of these rules is to safeguard public health and provide to consumers food that is safe, unadulterated, and honestly presented.

Public Swimming Pools & Spas
These rules address minimum standards for design and construction of pools and spas. These rules also establish minimum operating standards for pools and spas to assure proper filtration, chemical, and general maintenance of water and safety to users. A copy of these rules is available for download on the DSHS Pool/Spa website.