Development Services

Mission Statement
The mission statement of the Development Services Department is: "To provide the City of Brownwood with a proactive approach to code compliance, affording due process to citizens using the Code Procedures with a goal of a clean City."

Responsibilities of this department include:
  • Checks zoning and variance requests
  • Code compliance
  • Exercises general inspection supervision over all public and private construction work
  • Issues all permits required by the City
    • Building
    • Electrical
    • Mechanical
    • Plumbing
    • Signs
    • Vendors
    • Alcohol
  • Provides staff assistance for boards and commissions
    • Zoning Board of Adjustment
    • Building and Standards Commission
    • Unified Board of Appeals
    • Planning and Zoning Commission
The department has 9 employees: 
    • 1 Administrator
    • 1 Assistant Administrator
    • 2 Combination Inspectors (Building, Electrical, Plumbing, Mechanical)
    • 2 Code compliance Officers
    • 1 Administrative Assistant
    • 2 Property Maintenance Staff
This department has 3 goals:
  • To ensure community compliance with all codes in accordance with City Ordinances and standard specifications
  • To provide adequate engineering and inspection services for the City of Brownwood
  • To provide timely and accurate information in regards to citizen requests to the commissions to which the department gives staff assistance
The department strives to meet the following objectives:
  • Continue a proactive approach to code compliance.
  • Continue to provide adequate staff support and training to related boards.
  • Increase public awareness of purpose of permits and inspections.
Code violations in the City of Brownwood can be reported by calling 325-646-5775, or by filling out this form.