1. Airport

    Brownwood Regional Airport is a City owned facility that strives to provide quality service to the aviation community and promote aviation through education and local economic growth.

  2. City Secretary

    The City Secretary is an officer of the City, appointed by the City Council.

  3. Development Services

    The Development Services Department checks zoning and variance requests, exercises general inspection supervision over all public and private construction work and issues all permits required by the City.

  4. Economic Development

    Discover more about the Economic Development Department.

  5. Emergency Management

    The Emergency Management Department coordinates response efforts during times of disaster disturbance.

  6. Finance Department

    Finance is responsible for the proper, accurate and timely recording of collections and disbursements of City funds at the same time, reporting these transactions in accordance with State laws, the City of Brownwood's Charter, and City Ordinances.

  7. Fire Department

    Brownwood Fire-Rescue is an all career Fire Department and the only Fire Department in Brown County with paid firefighters.

  8. Fleet Services

    Fleet Services exists to support the needs of any and all City Departments through an extensive program of quality pre-maintenance, maintenance and repair on all City owned vehicles and equipment.

  9. Health Department

    Public health activities for the City and County are provided by this department.

  10. Human Resources

    The Human Resources Department is responsible for the acceptance of applications for City departments and assists the Department Heads and Supervisors in the recruitment and hiring of employees.

  11. Landfill

    Learn hours of operation, read legal documents and find contact information for the Brownwood Regional Municipal Solid Waste Disposal Facility.

  12. Legal Department

    The Legal Department is a service-oriented department providing legal counsel to the City of Brownwood, the Brownwood Economic Development Corporation, City Manager, department directors and various boards and commissions of the City.

  13. Lehnis Railroad Museum

    The Martin & Frances Lehnis Railroad Museum is located across the street from the historic Brownwood Santa Fe Depot and Fred Harvey House.

  14. Municipal Court

    The Municipal Court Staff are responsible for providing assistance during each session of the Court, maintaining and preparing all of the Municipal dockets, recording the disposition of each case, receiving all court documents and defendant correspondence as well as, balancing and closing of accounts, and preparing requisitions for purchasing and refunding

  15. Parks & Recreation

    Discover community activities and information about local parks and pavilions.

  16. Police Department

    The Brownwood Police Department strives to be a values driven organization.

  17. Public Health Preparedness

    Drafts emergency plans in relation to public health emergencies. Oversees epidemiological activities in Brown County. Recruits and trains community public health volunteers for service during public health emergencies

  18. Public Works / Utility

    Public Works Department organizational responsibilities include management and oversight for Engineering Support, Geographical Information Systems, Landfill, Sanitation, Street water and sewer utilities.

  19. Recycling

    Hours of operation, listing of items accepted at the Brownwood Recycling Center.

  20. Senior Citizens

    We are here to serve the needs of Brownwood Citizens 60 years of age or older.

  21. Solid Waste Services

    This department is responsible for the collection of solid waste for all residents and commercial establishments for the City of Brownwood by utilizing collection dumpsters of various sizes.

  22. Street Department

    The Street / Facility Department maintains paved and unpaved streets, pave and unpaved alleys, drainage structures, street sweeping, traffic control devices, information signs and maintains all City owned facilities.

  23. Utility Billing Department

    The Utility Billing Office manages the City’s billing for water, wastewater, and trash service.

  24. Wastewater Collections Department

    Discover more about the Water Distribution in Brownwood.

  25. Wastewater Treatment

    To build and maintain a collection system to collect and transport all domestic, commercial and industrial sewage

  26. Water Distribution

    Provide water to the citizens, and infrastructure of the City for fire protection

  27. Women Infant Children (WIC) Program

    Brownwood WIC Program